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Monday, January 30, 2012

Neat and Tidy All The Time........

Ok - I know we all do this - We all feel this way - The moment uncomfortable feelings come up all we want to do is to have them gone - back to that nice comfy place of 'Everything is all right' - IT IS TOUGH BEING A GROWN UP !

Life is in constant motion and what we can count on most of the time is that there will be hiccups along the way - things happening not as planned. Even if that is not what happens there are our ever changing feelings/moods triggered by mysterious events - the moon, hormones, relationships, weather, looking in the mirror, driving in our cars, thinking about the past - at any given moment - we can be taken there - to that not so right place and if we are not strong or aware at the time all we want to do is find a way to erase it.
 That for me is my WHOA - HOLD ON SISTER- let's take a moment here. Sometimes it is not the having to analyze the feeling of why I am in avoidance . Who has time for the analysis all the time!

Today I just thru my hands up and said to myself - sometimes it is not peachy and sometimes I will feel uncomfortable. The key for my well being is... how easy is it for me to sit with that Icky place. THAT IS WHAT I MUST WORK TOWARDS- Just settle into it like stepping your toes in dog pooh and going "okay not so nice but I am not going to die here .... Am I."

We are all so busy working to living our perfect lives - getting it right and having it all wrapped up in a pretty package we forget that we are indeed human and being uncomfortable is just part of our life.

If I can only get this I think I can feel happy -SEE ,SEE !! I am still doing it - trying to get it right ....Just as I said we want our life experience to be 'Neat and Tidy'. Can I truly be okay with a messy life?

There will be days/moments of joy and then there will be days of stepping in POOH, and in between I will find ways to satisfy my dissatisfaction by stepping into my now moment or just have a good cry. I will find a way to be present in my life.......the story is unfolding and it will not be neat and tidy ?? Or will it?




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