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England 2012 On the train to London today to visit Hughes agency . I worked with Cheryl Hughes 20 years ago in London, they were the only plus agency at the time. Remembering now Cheryl booked me on my first if job with H&M in Stockholm, those photos started my career. It' s very exciting to think that I could possibly work here again. London is one of my favorite cities in the world and I feel so comfortable here yet on my toes as all is different than my world . Amazing how just being in a different country frees you up to uncover parts of yourself you have forgotten. Passing Stratford now where the Olympic park is seeing the stadium and tall red torch tower ( well that is what I think it is ) . It is an exciting time to be here with the Queens Jubilee just celebrated, the European football cup on ( sorry Brits, lost in overtime penalty kicks to Italy) and Olympic fever in the air. Union jack flags are everywhere and on everyone. Definitely picking up a towel and some t's. Ahhhh shopping in London can I resist ? I think not, luckily there are summer sales! Oxford street here I come. There is nothing like arriving into Liverpool street station and walking out into the open grandeur of an old train station,bustling as the sun streams in sheets of light through the clear glass roof as it has for hundreds of years. Now down, down into the the underground ; the steepest escalators ever and the future is exposed as hundreds of tv screens along the walls change in unison as you glide into the tubes of the underground . Soothing female English announcements tell you the trains route and it all feels very civilized . The old and new worlds existing together seamlessly: that is London. Did I say how happy I am , I am so happy to be here.! Must have had a past life in London! Namaste, Natalie


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