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Hello there, Bountiful Babes, and I mean bountiful in all the magnificence of who you are. I am so happy to be here writing to you, woman to woman.

I have been modeling for over five years and just love everything about it -- going on location, experiencing new and beautiful places, getting my hair and makeup done (I am such a girl when it comes to beauty products and techniques), and connecting with the photographers, assistants and stylists who make sure I look good in the clothes.

The excitement I feel when I see a Polaroid (the test photo, before we actually shoot a roll of film) still fills me with such gratitude that this is actually my job. Who would have guessed? Growing up, I may have looked pretty, but because I was "heavy," I felt I was ugly, unlovable and unacceptable. Now here I am getting paid to model clothes, sometimes even bathing suits and underwear! Who would have guessed that I would be celebrated for the shape of my "heavy" body. It just proves that miracles can happen.

In 1999 I met all the goals I set for myself. Bolstered by that positive energy, I'm looking forward to a great Millennium year. It's not bragging if I share some of my success with you, because I truly believe that every one of us is capable of achieving our highest possibilities in life. Think of where I came from -- not feeling good about myself because of my physical size -- to now believing I can do anything I set my mind to. And doing it!

I've shot some great editorial with Mode magazine and continue to work with other great clients.

I am totally in love with a great guy!

I ran the New York City Marathon, finishing 26.2 miles in 5 hours and 14 minutes. This was a longtime goal, and I worked hard  -- emotionally, mentally and physically -- to achieve it.

There are many things that contributed to my achievements but I would like to let you in on some life-changing habits that helped me. Foremost, I set goals for myself. The universe cannot respond to you if you have no direction.

I worked to erase negative beliefs I had about myself, to change the way I think. I did this by writing a daily affirmation 20 times. For instance: "I can run 26 miles" or "It is now safe for me to tell the truth and hear the truth." Sentences like these speak to my own personal block (beliefs that get in the way of being happy and fulfilled). If you want to try it, pick an affirmation that speaks to you and write it daily until you truly believe it yourself. Remember: thought is creative.

More to come...

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