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We are approaching the end of the year and as 2004 looms ahead I took a look at the major events of my life in 2003. There have been so many changes in my life lately and I am sure the same has been true for you. As the world seems to speed up and the treadmill of life appears to be ever increasing I find myself barley able to keep up with the race.

There have been moments over the last year where I truly had to stop and listen to the nagging voices in my head and sometimes in my heart and make some decisions. Although I dreaded taking the step and changing/moving on, I knew these changes would propel me to another level in my life. How often do we ignore our intuition and the little messages that whisper to us that it is time to move on? We stay complacent because on the surface it seems easy until our energy starts to fade and pain/problems seem to replace the day to day dealings with those involved - you know what I mean, that dread you feel when you have to make a phone call to that certain someone, or just the let down you feel when things do not get done the way you anticipated. The thing is, it is really up to us how smoothly our life unfolds and if we only listen to the signals we receive we would follow our path with ease.

I know for me I usually wait till the last possible minute to make changes for so many reasons. Foremost I do not want to piss off anyone; God forbid if everyone on the planet does not like me, and then there is the fear of the unknown; I can control what I know. So despite all my ‘hemming and hawing' I did make some major life changes this year.

I left my agency Wilhelmina after 6 years to go to Ford where I began my career in Miami. Believe me this was not an easy one as I had some fantastic years as a Wilhelmina model and I left many people there that I grew to love and still do. I will always be grateful to the people of Wilhelmina who affected me, and my life in so many positive ways. Being stagnant in my life is a very uncomfortable feeling and sometimes I just have to keep moving.

My other big move was to create a new home base in Sarasota Florida and spend more time with my family. New York City will always be home just not my main home. This was major for me but I felt it time to expand my life and as I am now pregnant with my first baby this move takes me in a direction that I have always looked forward to in my life's journey.

Change is what we make it, it is really just change and I know now that it is better in the long run to cut my losses and listen to my heart. My decisions do not have to be right for any one but me, and the nice thing about change is you can always change.

Keep an open heart and listen to yourself, you know what is best for you and your life.

I continue to learn over and over to tune in to me, and my own needs and that the Universe will help if I ask and yes I will be rewarded.

More to come...

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