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Thank God It’s Friday!
My Mom World.
Warning – do not read if you are not a Mom or thinking of ever becoming one !
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Oh My god ! It is Friday, the last day of the week and I finally am sitting at my desk feeling somewhat at peace –yes that is the word I feel - peace – Maybe because it is Friday and I have made it through yet another week . A week of planting Strawberry plants and sewing seeds with 18 first graders at my sons school.

I created this Eco garden with a group of parents for our 8 first Grade classes and on Tuesday –which turned out to be one of the windiest days of the year, there I was with mostly 7 year olds emptying packets of minute seeds as they blew out of our hands into the atmosphere –whoosh . Change of plans, as we headed inside to sew our seeds  . Mission accomplished as they all head home and share some of the tomatoes we harvested for snack.
I am dragged out to the playground with my very eager, soon to be 7 year old boy running ahead -he is missing his buddies on the playground, as in his mind I take way too long to pack up the soil and put away seed packets. The wind is whipping up outside – I get his basketball out of my mini van (yes I swore I would never drive one , I would always be a convertible girl,woman, mother –the cool mom . Now I am the cool mom in my glorious ,dirty mini van – I love it!!!!!) So my son and I have made a deal today, he will miss basketball practice and go to the cub scout fire engine visit, that somehow got set up on  a non cub scout night . Apparently no one took into consideration that we do other things in the week. I go with the flow , he has made his choice and we shoot hoops in the wind –it is fun!

I have it all planned out – the keyboard is in the car for my daughter to practice her piano after I pick her up from her preschool . We will go to my Mum’s (she is babysitting for me later, cub scout event is just for scouts) my son will do his homework , my daughter practice piano ( I have been so laxed about this since we started lessons –working on being consistent) and I will make dinner( I brought Tortellini in a cooler) feed them and go to the fire station. Here is the thing, there are now tornado warnings in our area and it has started to storm outside !! Half an hour before scout event I get an email- it is cancelled (thank god I have a phone that has email ! What if I didn’t) . So here I now have a chance to get him to basketball practice-we just started and I hate for him to miss the second practice with the game coming up on Saturday. But of course the hiccup now is I don’t have his basketball pants and he refuses to play in his uniform –really his pants are too long –so I get us all in the car scrambling in the rain and head home, 10 mins, leave them in car run in house grab clothes , change in car and head back out in now storming rain – did I mention that I had to stop for gas as my “you are empty light” was on since the morning and got soaked in the raging downpour ,even while I was under cover.

I laugh now but this is nuts . We drive to practice avoiding floods in the roads and for the first time the emergency alert noise comes on the radio and it is a real emergency  !! – “Tornado Warnings in our town 7-9” Never had it be a real emergency before –usually it is that annoying buzzing noise and you change the station immediately –and I did but then it was on the next one WEATHER ALERT! As we get to practice not one car is to be seen ! Cancelled .
 Now the kids ask one question after another; “can our car be sucked up by a tornado , can our house , how about people –can they get picked up”. Oh boy –I answer truthfully but reassuringly and remind them we have time to make it home before 7 , and we do .
Now that was Tuesday!!

Beside the usual, endless go go we make it through Wednesday with a skip in our step- piano practice goes better than ever –(That’s because mummy is on top of it - yay ! –kudos Mummy) Home, bath , dinner and Even Dad is home to share in the stories of the day – we have a little ritual where we all go through our “HIGHS AND LOWS  OF THE DAY” the funny thing about my 5 year old she usually just has Highs, unless of course her big brother comes up with a low then she is sure to go back and pick something out that missed the mark. I love it when she only has high’s it reminds me that it is all in the way you look at your day –what you choose to focus on.
Thursday –oh boy , my husband and I wake up with another body in our bed and sleep was elusive. I have to clarify that this does not happen often , so when it does we treasure the interruption in a strange unspoken way. I think it brings us back to the newborn early days when he slept with us every night, so it’s nice to be reminded of the wonder and amazement we felt about this new life that entered our lives and changed them forever . He made me a Mummy. He is almost seven now; our strong boy. Anyway, back from dreamland and up with the day-lunch,breakfast to be made – open fridge-no sandwich stuff,improvise –it’s broccoli slaw and organic hotdog (no bun , just heated and in the thermos ) strawberries etc.I try to keep it healthy- very hard when your son is begging you to put a pack of pringles in his lunch box so he can be like his buddies. Don’t get me started , not to say my kids never eat junk –they get their fair share but not when I am in full charge.
“So what is going on for me today”, my husband asks, as our bodies slide around each other in the kitchen , he makes his breakfast to eat on the run. “Well, today I tell him I am splatter painting with two classrooms at our daughter’s school.” “What!” he says”You do too much volunteering at the schools –you should be focusing on work” I tell him I made the commitment at the start of the year – “January” he says-no the school year –August of 2010 and I rarely do anything at her school –I am at my son’s school allot!. I know I should cut back but you have to spread it out . It means so much to my kids when I work with them and their friends and I get to know a little bit more about their environment they are in everyday. So I splatter paint with 3 -5 year olds, with the help of a lovely grandma and mostly have a jolly good time. High tail it to have a business apt with my web designer. I bring clothes to change in the car but go in my freshly painted painting pants- not very model like ,but very mom like. Home in time to gather some watermelon ,green juice snack for pick up and gymnastic clothes for the kids – that’s our Thursday –it is gymnastics day! The kids love it! After bugging me for 4 months I gave in. Hey, I never learned to do a cartwheel, I am excited to see them cartwheell away. This is where it is hard to weigh up if you are doing too much or having them experience fullness in life . I decide to try it on a month to month basis. If it does not work I can change it up.

So you see why Friday brings me joy in just the word –number one –I do not make lunch- pizza day at Natasha’s school and Sebastian gets to buy lunch –see there is the junk! It’s family movie night and somehow we are all relaxed. So here I am at the computer eating left over brown rice and lentils for breakfast sipping hot green tea feeling dreamy –now let’s unpack the dishwasher and call my agent in NY.

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