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Do you ever feel that some days you are stuck; not sure what you need to focus on or where your energy needs to be directed. It is sometimes difficult to move forward and take a step towards the direction of our dreams. The decision to be courageous in ones life is sometimes just a decision to take one small step. There are moments in my life that if I am aware and am present I am given the lesson I need to move forward.


Well this last weekend I was given that very opportunity to learn, presented in the sweetest of packages through the words of a child. While attending a birthday party with my kids at our local YMCA water park  my 5 year old was in line to jump off the diving board into the big pool for the first time. She had to take a swimming test where she earned a neon green wrist band. With her new bracelet on she waited in line with some of her friends and as her brother took the plunge from the diving board (his first time as well, although he is 7 years old and more than ready for such a challenge) she began to say she was scared. Slowly she climbed the steps and on the diving board she hesitated saying she wanted to jump but was scared. I coaxed with all my Mummy language - “you can do it”, “it will feel so good once you jump”. She inched forward to where the railing ends about to let go ‘It’s too bouncy “ I held the board for her to lesson the bounce but she turned around and said she was too scared! She wanted to try again, we got inline and one of her 6 year old friends said to her-
“Take the scares out of your mind and put the bravery inside” Now that bares repeating-
“Take the scares out of your mind and put the bravery inside” Wow! So simple.
She ascended the stairs one more time walked out past the railing,let go, looked back, steadied herself with her feet balancing on the board, “Jump out” I reminded, and off she went! The smile as she surfaced out of the water was-well you can guess-Priceless!
When I asked her how she felt, this is what she said-
“I was so scared I felt like I was going to die but once I jumped in it was funner than anything in the whole entire Universe!”

Even as her fear mounted she just kept taking a step forward, little by little and the payoff was the exhilaration of overcoming the unknown. Oh, and of course the fun.

"Nothing is ever solved, or created, by standing still. Movement is the process of the Universe. So move. Do something."
        Neale Donald Walsch

As Mr. Walsch says the future of our lives are created in the small steps forward. What you do today can lead to exhilaration! What is the step we are avoiding? Maybe if we make that one call, or sign up for that class, or go to that lecture, or just take a walk we too can feel exhilaration.
Or for me get some new pictures done (“testing” getting new pictures done-a models way forward)

“Take the scares out of your mind and put the bravery inside”
A 6 year old Girl.

Happiness Crusader

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