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I spent the day yesterday shooting shape wear for a lingerie line ~ Rhonda Shear. The focus was before and after foundation garments. Those must haves for women like me that need to smooth out underneath before I put clothes on top. It was very exciting to see the before and afters on camera. Humbling at times which gave me an opportunity to do some "mini acceptance work"  ( STEP 2 ) but then the comfort and ease I felt in the shape wear was thrilling. Not to mention the results !!

It is the same for this process of feeding our Spirit that we are on ~ working on our inner foundation leads us to feeling confident and secure in ourselves ~ that is the greatest asset we have in looking good on the outside.

With Thanksgiving coming up I have been thinking allot about what I am grateful for in my life and planning a ceremony with my family where we light sage and incense and choose crystals as we go around a circle saying what we are thankful for and why.
We will be camping on an island in southwest Florida ~ Cayo Costa . It will be a big adventure for my family - a first, as we can only get there by boat - nothing on the island. I am giving myself permission to be present in the newness of each experience and find the joy in discomfort , should it occur. This is pretty much a guarantee when one camps.


Let me know how you spend your day of thanks.


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