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Well Here we are at the begining of a New Year and an opportunity to Strike out with Creative Energy and New Vigor!

"Every man and woman is born into
the world to do something unique
and something distinctive and if he
or she does not do it, it will never
be done."
      Benjamin E. Mays

This quote inspires me to find out what truly drives me. What is it that is unique to me? First I am getting organized in my thoughts and creating a vision for myself and my future. Living the life we want starts in our imagination and in our thoughts. The steps are becoming clearer each day. Come soar with me.........

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Day 101

As I counted down the days and realized I am past 100 I had to giggle at myself. So often in my life I live in great intensity that leaves me more anxious than focused. It is easy I think for us to focus on the negative as the ego mind is always there in waiting, and yet, there are lessons to be learned . One Hundred days may have passed but my journey of feeding my spirit continues as it always will. I feel encouraged by moving forward and completely successful in all that I am learning about myself. My body IS lighter and my path clearer.....

It's a new year ! Let's spread our wings ! Attack !
A New Year and an opportunity to truly begin anew.
Here I am thinking that I would recap how my holidays went and how I lived from my consciousness/ my spirit and sometimes let go of it. Then I realized that I can truly follow what we talk about all the time- living in the present and starting from the now moment. It doesn't matter what has happened in the past, each moment is an opportunity to be fresh with possibilities.

What do we do now, today, that will move us closer to self satisfaction. You know, that place  of feeling good within and it spills out all over into a smile- that full body smile. For me, honoring myself is the way. My friend Nancy said to me yesterday " we will spread our wings in 2012" thinking of it now I love the idea and imagery of having wings.

Can we be our own Angels taking care and watching over ourselves with love and everything that is sweetness , yet be powerful. Even if you don't believe in Angels ( I do ) the idea of having love for yourself brings peace into your life.

So, as I spread my wings this year I will " Attack !" Years ago on a spiritual journey I took in Egypt, the Egyptologist and tour leader of our group would call out "Attack!"  as we followed him into the crowded Temples . That very word "Attack" embodied a focus and attitude as we stuck together moving through the crowds.  A single minded focus towards our goal.

So in this first month of a New Year I will write my intentions -

STEP ONE -be my own Angel

STEP TWO- spread my wings and fly!





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