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Once again we as full figured women are at the forefront of the world stage thanks to the risks being taken by Plus Model Magazine and editor Madeline Figueroa - Jones. Women and the mainstream fashion industry continue to clash as models appear to be getting thinner and present a more unrealistic image for girls and women.

Congratulations Plus Model Magazine - on having the courage to bring the conversation into our awareness again. This is not new and I am frustrated that we as women have not gone beyond the physical to address this issue of our bodies.

What I struggle with is how do we make lasting change-
I believe it starts when WE truly accept our bodies each day with gratitude.
Honouring ourselves for our highest good takes a relentless ongoing inward focus that reveals itself outwardly in our form. Can we love ourselves enough to no longer want to be like anyone but who we are?

Here is the link to the Video with Diane Sawyer

As a mother to a girl I want her to feel gratitude for her body and how it carries her through the world, yet know that in that 'gratitude' she honours her body by feeding it nourishing food and moving it in ways that bring her joy. The goal is not to look like what she sees around her but to feel confident as herself -the focus needs to be pleasing oneself.

Often this image of oneself can be distorted by the outside world and we as human beings like to feel connected to others. The key is how do we know when to make the choice to recognize that we do not all look alike and it is our unique rythm that makes us beautiful. Our beauty identity needs to come from us and it is in loving ourselves we appreciate/accept/love what we see in the mirror.

It takes awarness of self and courage to have confidence.

I would love to know how you see yourself in the world.
Natalie Laughlin


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