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Natalie's Fans Say

Natalie's Fans Say...

Hooray to Natalie Laughlin! Her article was very inspiring, and she is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful models I have seen in Glamour, as well as one of the most realistic. Happiness must come from within oneself, and Natalie has found that. Natalie, you're the norm in today's society, not the exception, and you look great!
Karlie Radford
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburg, PA

Congratulations for including a little feature on "Plus" size model Natalie Laughlin! Plus size women can be just as beautiful. I love Glamour and I read regularly. I think it would be great if Glamour featured more plus size models.
Thelma Osborne
Southport, NC

Thanks for the article by Natalie Laughlin in your January issue. Have your considered a regular feature with "larger" size models? I loved the article and the clothes pictured because I could wear some of the clothes modeled and because I could relate to so much of what Natalie was saying.
Cathy Lynch

Please include Natalie in more of your layouts. I think it is very important for all women to be included as part of what is considered attractive and desirable, particularly in the fashion industry.
Susan Saunders
Brooklyn, NY

I would like to thank yu for your article "My Body, My Self" in the January issue. Natalie is an absolutely beautiful woman.
Maria M. Uhlenhop
Carmicheal, CA

Like Natalie Laughlin ("My Body, My Self" / Glamour 1/95), I had to battle with my weight and what I considered a weight problem my entire life. thank you for showing another example of someone with a positive body image.
Delia Blacker
Mineola, NY

IT'S ABOUT TIME!!! Referring to "My Body, My Self" page 162, Glamour, January 1995.
Los Angeles, CA

Thanks for the article by Natalie Laughlin. Feature more models of realistic size as a regular part of your magazinw that our readers can appreciate and relate to.
Joan Barrett
New Jersey

Natalie Laughlin ("large-size" model) -- more common is the not-quite-perfect woman, or at least, not quite perfect in society's eyes. Once it is no longer a bid deal for someone like Natalie Laughlin to be in Glamour (who, to me, looks healthy, not heavy!), then women can start to feel good about themselves, no matter what size they are. And only then will women stop killing themselves (literally!) to meet a standard of beauty that, for some, is unrealistic.
Jennifer S. Levine
Wesleyan University
Middletown, CT

Natalie in the Media

Style is an Attitude

One of the hottest plus-size models is Natalie Laughlin, an olive-skinned beauty and Trinidad native who is also a Wilhelmina model and the face (as well as the voluptuous body) of Elisabeth, Liz Claiborne's fashionable larger-cut line. Like Tyler, Laughlin had battled with her body image. She began taking diet pills at age 8 and, as a teen-ager, once fasted for 17 straight days. When she was a student at New York University, she was often approached by photographers who asked her about modeling. They always fed her the same line, though: She'd have to lose 20 pounds. Later, Laughlin moved to London, where she began working as a plus-sized model. Now, back in the States, she has more work than she can manage and relishes the opportunity to don stylish clothes for the camera. "Believe me," she says, "I've had to wear my share of polyester."

Laughlin, like other top pus-size models, can often be seen gracing the pages of Mode in clingy skirts or flirty satin cocktail dresses. A fashion ad beauty magazine primarily for women size 12 and over, Mode was launched in March 1997. Filled with pictures of gorgeous women in elegant, body-hugging day and evening wear, and articles like "Style Is Not a Size, It's an Attitude," the magazine has done wonders for portraying fuller-figured women as anything but frumpy.

Source: Us Magazine; November 1998


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