Focus on acceptance and self love, and know that you too can achieve your dreams.

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Natalie Laughlin


  • Today is the day that I begin!
  • I commit to Myself.  I commit to living the highest ideal for truth and honor in the search for the core of my being.
  • Today I begin with my commitment to be present - one moment at a time.
  • Today I am aware, one moment at a time.
  • Today, the "I" that is full of alive, positive energy takes the lead in my life and I let go of my thinking mind that is based in fear and paralyzes me in moving forward in my life.
  • Today I take this pledge and gently do my best.
  • Today I am full of love for myself - my body, my heart, my mind.
  • Today I am joyous.
  • Today I breakaway and begin anew.
  • Today everything is possible.

Plus Size Supermodel & Inspirational Speaker

The word supermodel can't even begin to define the impact Natalie Laughlin has had on the plus industry. In her years as a plus-size model, she has accomplished what many working models can only dream about. From magazine covers, to billboards in Times Square, to educating women about healthy body image and eating disorders, Natalie Laughlin embodies success as a model.

Natalie Speaks at Girls Inc.

Natalie Speaks at Girls Inc.

Natalie Speaks at Girls, Inc. on February 16, sharing with the girls how she changed the 'story' of her life, empowering them to find their own unique gifts and share them with the world. "Hopefully the girls can see that their inner light is the most beautiful gift they have and that should be thei...

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