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Natalie's Fans Say

Natalie's Fans Say...

Hooray to Natalie Laughlin! Her article was very inspiring, and she is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful models I have seen in Glamour, as well as one of the most realistic. Happiness must come from within oneself, and Natalie has found that. Natalie, you're the norm in today's society, not the exception, and you look great!
Karlie Radford
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburg, PA

Congratulations for including a little feature on "Plus" size model Natalie Laughlin! Plus size women can be just as beautiful. I love Glamour and I read regularly. I think it would be great if Glamour featured more plus size models.
Thelma Osborne
Southport, NC

Thanks for the article by Natalie Laughlin in your January issue. Have your considered a regular feature with "larger" size models? I loved the article and the clothes pictured because I could wear some of the clothes modeled and because I could relate to so much of what Natalie was saying.
Cathy Lynch

Please include Natalie in more of your layouts. I think it is very important for all women to be included as part of what is considered attractive and desirable, particularly in the fashion industry.
Susan Saunders
Brooklyn, NY

I would like to thank yu for your article "My Body, My Self" in the January issue. Natalie is an absolutely beautiful woman.
Maria M. Uhlenhop
Carmicheal, CA

Like Natalie Laughlin ("My Body, My Self" / Glamour 1/95), I had to battle with my weight and what I considered a weight problem my entire life. thank you for showing another example of someone with a positive body image.
Delia Blacker
Mineola, NY

IT'S ABOUT TIME!!! Referring to "My Body, My Self" page 162, Glamour, January 1995.
Los Angeles, CA

Thanks for the article by Natalie Laughlin. Feature more models of realistic size as a regular part of your magazinw that our readers can appreciate and relate to.
Joan Barrett
New Jersey

Natalie Laughlin ("large-size" model) -- more common is the not-quite-perfect woman, or at least, not quite perfect in society's eyes. Once it is no longer a bid deal for someone like Natalie Laughlin to be in Glamour (who, to me, looks healthy, not heavy!), then women can start to feel good about themselves, no matter what size they are. And only then will women stop killing themselves (literally!) to meet a standard of beauty that, for some, is unrealistic.
Jennifer S. Levine
Wesleyan University
Middletown, CT

Natalie in the Media

Natalie Speaks at Girls Inc.

Natalie Speaks at Girls, Inc. on February 16, sharing with the girls how she changed the 'story' of her life, empowering them to find their own unique gifts and share them with the world. "Hopefully the girls can see that their inner light is the most beautiful gift they have and that should be thei...

Fashion Bug Lush Layers

Natalie Laughlin was featured in Fashion Bug's Look! Fall Forward catalog. Natalie modeled lush layers for Fall including a double layer cardigan and double layer sweater. Take a look on pages 6-7.

Natalie Laughlin, plus size supermodel has made a big impact in the plus industry.

Here's a video posted by Plus Model magazine featuring Natalie Laughlin in the January 2011 issue.

New Year, New You

This Plus Magazine, nine-page fashion spread features Natalie Laughlin in nine full pages: Dare to Dream, Touch of Sexy, About Confidence, Accessory Statement, Grand Finale, Gentlemen Act, Personal View and Fling with Sparkle. Take a look!

Her Rise to Supermodel Stardom

With all mom duties taken care of, plus size model Natalie Laughlin, sits with Plus Model Magazine writer, Madeline Figueroa Jones, to talk about her rise to "Super" plus model stardom, and what she learned about herself in the process. As a teen, and into young adulthood, Natalie struggled with sel...

Plus supermodel Natalie Laughlin talks about Miraclebody jeans -- the premium denim jeans that give every woman and every body a shapely, flawless figure with comfort and style.

Natalie Laughlin: The Plus Size Model

In a country where 162 million women are labelled according to their dress size, there's a Trinidadian in the United States of America who stands out with a vengeance. Natalie Laughlin is a supermodel who has been at the top of the "plus size" modeling game since 1995. Laughlin was born and raised ...

Natalie Laughlin Speaks at Athena Awards

Sondra Eoff received the 2008 Athena Award at the Tuesday afternoon ceremony, but said she wasn't the only deserving nominee. "I'm overwhelmed. I'm only one among many people who deserve this award," she said. Eoff didn't come with a prepared speech, but said she doesn't feel like she does anymore...

Heavenly Honeymoon

(See honeymoon photos.) Congratulations! You are taking the plunge and getting married. Not only do you have to plan the wedding, but there is also the honeymoon to consider. The best thing about this particular tradition is that you only have to please yourself and your husband. A honeymoon sho...

Natalie Laughlin's Wedding

A celebrity wedding of International interest was recently celebrated in Sarasota at the Crosley Mansion. (See photos from the wedding.) The bride, Natalie Marie Laughlin, is the daughter of Patricia D'Arcy Laughlin, Artist and Developer, and Peter G. Laughlin, Real Estate Broker and Developer, of ...

Plus is Real

That's the mantra that helped Natalie Laughlin, 37, get her first break -- and it's the one she still preaches to the hundreds of young girls who send e-mails to the website she co-founded -- A struggling model in 1995, Laughlin was so outraged when she saw uberwaif Kate Moss on the co...

Plus-Size Models Get More Work

The women's clothing business is finally stretching out to serve real women, with more styles and higher fashion offered in sizes 14 and larger. And much in demand are models who can fill out so-called plus sizes, as apparel makers, catalogs and retailers trade fantasy -- a size-16 dress draped on a...

Too Sexy!

When Trinidad native Natalie Laughlin started modeling, she constantly heard, "You're shooting too sexy!" The Miami clients wanted the Midwestern housewife look, so Natalie moved to London, where she found acceptance and accumulated some great tear sheets. Only since Natalie "came out" as a plus siz...

Model for a Cause

Plus-size model Natalie Laughlin, who's appeared on the covers of Mode and Glamour magazines, will visit Southern Methodist University this week in connection with SMU's Eating Disorder Awareness Week. Ms. Laughlin will be the celebrity guest at a concert at 8 tonight is Caruth Auditorium and was to...

Model to Kick Off Eating Disorders Awareness Week

Eating disorders Awareness Week activities begin Monday with a speaker who is a successful plus-size model that has learned to accept her weight after battling with bulimia. Natalie Laughlin will speak in the Hughes-Trigg Theater at 8 pm. "She was having a lot of problems with body image, had been...

That Face Belongs to Us

Her face has that fresh allure like one of those Charlie's Angels. Just one look and she can blow you away. Her body is that of a goddess. At five foot nine and with statistics 38-28-40, her Venus figure has been draped in the best of full figure chic. Natalie Laughlin is an angel, a Trini one as a...

Style is an Attitude

One of the hottest plus-size models is Natalie Laughlin, an olive-skinned beauty and Trinidad native who is also a Wilhelmina model and the face (as well as the voluptuous body) of Elisabeth, Liz Claiborne's fashionable larger-cut line. Like Tyler, Laughlin had battled with her body image. She began...

Healthy Chic

The healthy-looking model has not been considered fashionable for some time, as anyone who has flicked through a glossy magazine recently will know. Instead designers, photographers and stylists have been tinkering with the concept of edgy in a way they consider challenging -- think gaunt girls plac...

Plus is More

Though the image of the sylphlike fashion model is burned into America's psyche, Natalie Laughlin is on a mission to change all this. One of Plus Models' most familiar faces -- spotlighted in everything from Macy's spreads to steamy German Max editorials -- she touched a nerve in American womanhood ...

I'm Not Afraid of Lycra

Well-rounded, plus-sized model Natalie Laughlin grew up starving herself to lose weight and constantly comparing herself to stick-thin mannequins -- all the while kicking herself for still not being thin enough. Then she had an eating epiphany, as she tells the January issue of Glamour: "When you ma...

My Body, My Self

I grew up in Trinidad a plump child. I was always the last one to be chosen for any team. Because of my weight, I overcompensated in other parts of my life. I was the best little girl, I did all my chores, I was a straight-A student. When I was eight, our family doctor prescribed diet pills for me....

The Next Big Thing

A new generation of plus-size models is sending the message: Fat isn't just fun, it's sexy, too. Size matters. In Reston, Virginia, big girls are singing. A choir of plus-size angels, sizes 10 and up, are belting out gospel songs with big-girl voices. Over 500 of them have gathered for a plus-size ...

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